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Genuine Velux Blinds

At Shutters ‘n’ Blinds, we stock one of the largest ranges of premium quality Velux blinds throughout the United Kingdom at unbeatable prices to suit all budgets.

Blackout Velux Blinds

Our blackout Velux blinds are perfect for bedrooms and nurseries and they are now available with cost-effective remote control systems. Siesta blackout blinds provide total darkness by being completely opaque and run smoothly up and down Velux roof windows in aluminium side channels to prevent light seepage.
Siesta blackout blinds feature an outer aluminium foil to reflect excess heat out of rooms during the warm summer months whilst retaining heat throughout the winter when colder weather conditions are present.

Roller Velux Blinds

At Shutters ‘n’ Blinds, our roller Velux blinds diffuse light brilliantly and this makes them ideal for living spaces, kitchens and offices. These classic designs pull down easily to change the mood of a room whilst maintaining complete privacy.
Make gloomy days disappear or create a warming evening glow by choosing from our extensive range of styles and designs. Our roller Velux blinds are also suitable for playrooms, studies and home offices.

Flying Pleated Velux Blinds

These ever-popular blinds are ideal for living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens. If you need sunlight in your living space, but hate the idea of being in the spotlight or sacrificing your privacy, our Velux pleated blinds soften natural light perfectly.

Flying pleated Velux blinds are ideally suited to living space and come in a complete selection of eye-catching designs for the ultimate finishing touch to existing decor. Semi-opaque and translucent variations are also available and our aluminium-backed pleated blinds are ideal for keeping cool in the summer and staying warm during the winter.

Venetian Velux Blinds

Enjoy a modern twist to Velux windows with our exclusive collection of Venetian blinds. Perfect for kitchens and bathrooms, Venetian Velux blinds control the amount of heat and light entering a room and the direction in which they travel.

Easy to operate, Venetian blinds can be opened or closed at any point of your window and they are especially suited to areas of high humidity.

Awning Velux Blinds

Use our collection of awning Velux blinds on the outside of windows to keep rooms cool and to reduce solar glare. Our awning blinds are ideal for south-facing windows on those balmy summer days when heat conditions and light makes living spaces excessively warm and stuffy.
Awning Velux blinds are easily installed from the inside of your home and they conveniently roll up out of sight when not in use. All awning blinds are supplied and fitted with integrated cord control.